Website Design

I have been working with digital media for web print and video from 2000 and graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2003. 

In 2015 I went back to school to update my skills and focus on wordpress development. Over the past few years I have been using WordPress for my websites because it is so versatile, secure and allows the customer to make content updates very intuitively.

I Can Help You With:

Website Design for Mobile Devices

I build websites that are easy to read, navagate and look good on all devices. I build one website that adapts to the size of screen.

I adjust the layout to maximize the space on smaller devices while I spread out the content on larger devices. For instance, on large screens it is common practice to have lots of white space to allow for easy readings. On smaller screens I eliminate a lot of the white space so content can be read easier with less scrolling, 

I highly recommend wordpress for your website or blog

Exceptional Customer Service

My focus is on the customer and keeping them happy and informed. I have a great deal of patience and will make sure I answer all your questions and get your work to where you want it. I do a very good job at keeping in-touch and returning correspondence
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